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Jukitech Group Oy is founded in 2016. The owner of the company is Jukka Joronen. Jukka has a long experience in different positions in industrial work environments, including the challenging job as a technical support.

The business has an office in Varkaus and it operates all around Finland.

Who and why?


“The founding idea for this business started in my previous job, where I noticed the importance of collecting different data in order to keep the production running smoothly and solve problems quicker. I wanted to create an equipment that would be outstanding in quality in it’s price range, and that would be able to measure multiple different variables”, says mr. Joronen.



The purpose of our equipment is to improve the production process, increase energy sufficiency and reduce the effects on the environment.

Versitile results

The measurement results will be displayed in graphs and they will be available in cvs form for further editing. All results can be monitored in real time or they can be limited to a certain space of time.

Locally or?

Does the equipment always require an Internet connection? No, it can also be used in your business’ own intranet.

Information security

Our first priority is always information security. All the equipment software that is attached to Internet is updated on a regular basis.



The printing of small objects. We can print small
objects (max size 223(L)*223(W)*205(H) mm) pieces in PLA or ABS.
For a quote or further information contact:

Compressed air leak detection

Jukitech Group Oy performs measurements of leakage of compressed air networks. The measurement equipment used is the leak detector of CS-Instruments GmbH LD400 and we use high quality Norgren compressed air products.

Contact and request a quote for leakage measurement.


Jukitech Measurement System – JMS is a measuring system that allows you to measure different variables, ie. compressed air, temperatures, humidity, moisture, air flow and position. The system is available in ready packages, or we can tailor your own to fit the exact needs of your company.

JMS - CPU where you can connect SRL modules Read More...

JMS - MDL - 4 has four analog inputs with JMS-Software Read More...

JMS - MDL - 8 has eight analog inputs with JMS-Software Read More...

JMS - TC where you can connect 8 K-Type Thermocouple Read More...

JMS - SRL - 4 has four analog inputs and you can connect it with JMS-CPU Read More...

JMS - SRL - 8 has eight analog inputs and you can connect it with JMS-CPU Read More...

JMS - TEMP is temperature sensor for -40 up to 125 Degree Celcius Read More...

JMS - HUM is relative humidity sensor

JMS - CA is compressed air sensor, default 0 -7 bar Read More...

Sensors and SRL modules is available 0-5v and 4-20ma signals!

Quote for more sensors for example rotate, airflow etc..

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New!! We now have protecting Covers for Industrial Robots

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